YOU are EPIC! That’s why we developed a new brand of photography, where our talented team of photographers and editors create exciting, dynamic and cinematic scenes. Your incredible portrait is a work of art. And you can use your EPIC portrait for anything!

Share your EPIC portrait on social media, ad-campaigns, press kits, your website, resume to Printing Portraits, and Wall Canvases. Our studio uses advanced digital techniques which transform green screen photography into larger than life pieces of artwork, worthy of any gallery or magazine cover.

EPIC is more than just photography.

EPIC involves interaction, a closed photo shoot, beautiful lighting and highly skilled digital work to create "Cinematic and Dynamic Realism in each shot”. For less than the cost of most standard photography, EPIC provides a finished digital portrait as well as options for having your portrait printed in almost any way you can imagine.

EPIC also offers "on location” Photo Shoot Sessions, for Sports Teams, Schools, Organizations, Businesses and Events!

How do you get started? Contact us to learn more.

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